Sales Enablement

Sales Enablement Moves Your Business Forward

Sales Enablement arms your team with the tools and information they need to successfully move prospects through the sales funnel.

  • Create insight into how and when to reach prospects through behavioral propensity data
  • Identify trends and industry changes through conversation analysis
  • Measure responsiveness to craft the most effective messaging

Empowering Sales

  • Data - Our database is the foundation of everything Channel Methods does. Powered by over 30,000 sales outreaches per month into the Life Science market, it out-performs passive lists, and drives outbound sales results. Our data is enhanced by business intelligence about upcoming projects, propensity/behavioral data, and is constantly validated and expanded by a combination of AI technology and organic sales interactions.
  • Email Campaigns - Tactical marketing is built into every sales campaign. We provide you with superior email engagement by leveraging our proprietary behavioral data.
  • Market Research - Looking for market information? Leverage our research teams and industry experts to help you analyze where your company stands competitively in the market and support your business and marketing planning.
  • CRM Technology - Manage your deals to closing, track prospect activity with your emails and on your website, and take action on real-time reporting through your Sales Dashboard, turning searches into leads faster than ever. Connect with Channel Methods’ CRM help desk services for a centralized support team that understands the challenges and urgency of the sales process.