About Us

Who We Are

We are a team of sales experts and marketing specialists who are passionate about providing Life Science services firms the talent and resources you need to boost revenues and close deals.

Founded as a software consultancy in the post-dot com era of the early 2000’s, we made a complete business model pivot to the Life Science industry in 2008, proving our belief that any market condition can be overcome with agile strategy and sales rigor.

Over the years, we’ve successfully helped companies spanning start-ups through Fortune 20 companies, with everything from product launches to being their business development service provider. As we’ve grown, we’ve remained rooted in our core service of building inside sales teams that produce opportunities for revenue growth.

In 2019 we launched our new Sales Enablement platform, offering MarTech integration and management, and custom data services, based on our unique Life Science business intelligence and rich industry knowledge.

World-Class Board of Advisors

Throughout the years we have built deep relationships in the Life Science market and are fortunate enough to have gained a world-class board of advisors. In addition to guiding Channel Methods, our board of advisors act as valuable KOL’s (Key Opinion Leaders) for our clients.