People Connect

People Connect

Creating Success Through Connection

With “People Connect” we provide a holistic approach to connecting staffing partners, companies and our Life Science industry network of contacts and alumni to firms, talented industry professionals, and empower organizational teams and missions to success.

How we do it:

  • You get personalized access our depth of knowledge of all aspects of pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device market and the talent needed to drive success.
  • Our teams interact all day with Life Science firms and professionals. Our industry experience helps us identify potential human capital requirements for a company growth plan or pivot in another direction.
  • You get a ”matchmaker” to a vibrant network of alumni and industry connections, including individuals we have had the pleasure of directly working with, and extensive connections with talent in research, drug development, SaaS, clinical trial, pre-clinical, and commercial specialties.

These situations often result in a contract to hire scenario, or direct integration into your firm.

Collaboration for Success

After years of individuals, clients, and industry firms organically approaching us to help find their perfect placements, we are now offering this as a service. We can introduce you to the resources to match with the talent you need to reach your goals of improving patient outcomes.

How does it work:

  • Contact us!
  • We will work with you to assess your resource needs and design compelling, industry specific search parameters and position descriptions, by leveraging our unique process of data research and real-time market trends.
  • We will then dig into our life science talent network, our extensive industry data, and partners to introduce you to perfect-fit personnel.
  • Engaging with Channel Methods gives you exclusive access to personal introductions to our industry connections and staffing partners, backed with our talent for connection – whether it’s our sales clients and projects or firms and people who want to join in success, we are passionate about making it happen!